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Slip and Fall

Individuals are sometimes hurt or injured on property that is owned or operated by someone else. Often, it is possible to recover monetary damages from the property owner to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. If you or a loved one believes that you may have a case involving Premise Liability, contact our office at (404) 761-1212 or (770) 964-2847.

Many cases concerning Premise Liability involve slip and fall accidents. These cases are not always as simple as they may appear because they frequently involve complex issues regarding insurance coverage and liability. Many people are not aware that most homeowners' insurance policies provide coverage of medical bills regardless of fault; all that must be proven is that a person was injured on the property covered by the homeowners' policies. It is not necessary to prove fault on behalf of the homeowner. More importantly, claims are paid by an insurance company and not the actual homeowner.

The time frame is determined from the insurance policy itself, so it is important to speak with an experienced attorney who has handled similar cases. Cases involving businesses typically involve complex issues of insurance coverage. Some businesses are covered by multiple insurance policies, and it is important to fully understand each of these policies before making a claim. The attorneys at Sailers & Associates are experienced in dealing with the many issues that may arise from Premise Liability cases. Our associates have literally worked with dozens of clients who have been hurt on property owned by another person.

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