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Class Action Lawsuit

Bringing a class action law suit against a major corporation or drug manufacturer requires a law firm whose lawyers have unique expertise and experience in these areas.

A class action lawsuit joins together a group of people or companies with common interests in a matter who file their claims as one entity. Class actions can obtain remedies for defective products (e.g., appliances and building materials), recalled drugs, or unfair business practices. Also, small businesses may bring a lawsuit against large corporations to address unfair methods of competition. Depending on the case, we will bring class actions in either state or federal court.  Feel free to contact our office at (404) 761-1212 or (770) 964-2847 if your are interested in joining a class action lawsuit.

In a class action lawsuit, a named plaintiff stands in for a group of similarly situated plaintiffs affected by the actions of a defendant or group of defendants. For example, when a large number of consumers are exposed to a potentially dangerous or defective product (product liability), a class action lawsuit may be brought on their behalf to seek compensation together

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