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There is no doubt about it: If one party is going to get the short end of the stick in a custody arrangement during a divorce, it is usually the father. This being said, Sailers & Associates understands the challenges you face when you are seeking a fair and fulfilling custody agreement, and we can help make sure that you are presented in the best light.

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As parents, both parties are used to having access to their children 24/7. Parents watch their children run, play, eat, scream, cry, squeal, work (you wish), and sleep around the clock. After a separation or divorce, neither of the parents will have that same 24/7 access. In fact, the odds are that one of the parents will have substantially less than 50 percent of that access. Statistically, that parent is usually the father.

Fathers' rights are about gaining access to your kids, staying involved, staying in relationships, and having a voice in your children's future. The term "fathers' rights" is not code for "misogyny" because fathers' rights are child focused, not ex-wife focused. Our knowledgeable Georgia custody team want to help you protect your parental rights and safeguard the meaningful relationships you share with your children.

In a perfect world, you and your ex-spouse would be better parents than you ever were spouses. In a perfect world, your children would see the time split between you and their mom to be largely seamless and without conflict. Fathers' rights are all about moving toward that perfect world.

Neither sex has a monopoly on parenting. Anyone who ever argues that mothers always make better caregivers only has to hear "Susan Smith" to be proven wrong. Each individual comes with his/her own talents and predispositions toward parenting. Each parent valuably contributes to the upbringing of his or her child. Fathers' rights are about not pre-judging which parent is best but allowing each parent to fully contribute to his or her child's development and happiness.

Sailers & Associates is determined to help you achieve a fair and satisfying custody arrangement. If you are getting a divorce, contemplating getting a divorce or need to establish the legitimation and custody of your child, we can help you.

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