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Atlanta Traffic School Lawyer

Any moving violation, from a speeding ticket to a running a red light, has the potential to add points to your driving record. These points are calculated depending upon the severity of your traffic offense. Additionally, more serious traffic violations (such as drunk driving or hit and run) can result in points on your record, driver’s license suspension and criminal penalties as well.

Traffic school may be a viable option for many drivers who are interested in avoiding points on their driving record and thus saving money on auto insurance. Additionally, if you accumulate enough points (15 points within a 24-month time period) your driver’s license will be suspended. By working with a lawyer and completing a traffic school course, you can avoid these points and save yourself a great deal of money and headache in the future.

Traffic school may also be a mandatory part of a conviction for certain serious traffic offenses, such as DUI. Upon completion, you may then be able to work with a lawyer to apply for a restricted driver’s license which will allow you to drive to and from work and school, and for household needs. Under the professional guidance of an Atlanta criminal attorney such as Judy Kim, you stand a much better chance of maintaing your right to drive.

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To find out how an attorney can help you, contact Sailers & Associates at (404) 761-1212. You be offered a free consultation to discuss your ticket and to learn how an attorney can help you. Attorney Sailers can evaluate your situation and determine whether traffic school is a good option for you. If it is, he can use his experience as a lawyer to help secure this for you and therefore help you avoid getting points on your driving record.

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