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Atlanta Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Traffic Ticket Defense for Moving Violations in Georgia
Drivers who are cited for breaking a traffic law can be charged with a moving violation, and speeding remains one of the most commonly ticketed traffic offenses in the U.S. Depending on the speed of the driver – how many miles over the speed limit that the driver was traveling – tickets can range from $140 all the way to $330. Fines are not the only consequences of a traffic ticket for speeding, either. In addition, persons who are pulled over and ticketed for a moving violation such as speeding will also be penalized on their official driving record. Anywhere from 2 to 6 points can be added to a driver's record for an offense of speeding in Atlanta.

By law, the more points a driver has on his / her record, the more likely they are to have their license suspended. In addition, offenders could face significant increases to their insurance premiums, because moving violations and tickets are immediate signs to car insurance companies of a driver's liability. Therefore, the cost of insuring said individuals is likely to increase immensely. As you can see, the consequences of a speeding ticket extend far beyond the typical fines that are associated with it. In order to avoid the additional repercussions of this type of moving violation, you should waste no time in seeking out the defense methods of a skilled legal professional, such as an Atlanta criminal attorney at Sailers & Associates.

Challenging Tickets in Court
Contrary to popular belief, simply paying the fines associated with a speeding ticket is not always the best course of action to take. While it may be the quickest solution for the problem, it also serves as an automatic plea of guilt, meaning that you will unquestionably see points added to your driving record. In turn, your insurance premiums could very likely be increased. Rather than subjecting yourself to such penalties, you can instead hire a criminal defense lawyer to help you challenge your ticket in court.

Drivers who've received a speeding ticket are often pressured into pleading guilty for their offense, no matter how minor or severe the speeding ticket was. Many drivers are persuaded to plead guilty to their offense on the condition that the speeding violation will be lowered by 3 to 5 miles below what the original offense was. This, however, is not a tradeoff that will benefit drivers in the long run, despite the way in which it is presented. Therefore, appearances in court, and discussions with the insurance company, should not be made without a qualified traffic ticket lawyer present.

Your Statements Can be Used Against You in Court
When a driver is pulled over for speeding, the law enforcement officer who instigated the stop will probe the driver for information. Any statement that is made at this time, even one as innocently intended as, "I didn't notice how fast I was going," could be used as incriminating evidence against the accused driver. An honest statement such as, "I'm sorry, officer," can be just as easily taken as an admission of guilt as can the aforementioned statement about being unaware of the speed at which a driver was traveling. In essence, any statement that does not distinctly deny the implication of speeding is accepted as an admission of guilt.

It is important to be polite in the answers that are provided to questioning law enforcement officers, while not incriminating yourself in the process. This, however, is much easier said than done, and many drivers unknowingly make self-incriminating statements that can be used against them in court later. Therefore, no matter what type of response was issued to the law enforcement officer that ultimately issued the speeding ticket, it is wise for the "offending" driver to immediately retain a defense attorney. With an experienced professional on their side, drivers can much more successfully argue a defense in court, and avoid the penalties associated with receiving a speeding ticket in Georgia.

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