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Should I Fight My Ticket?

Advice from a Traffic Ticket Attorney in Atlanta

Deciding whether to fight a ticket for any type of moving violation can be difficult. You will need to find out exactly what consequences this ticket will have on your driving record, insurance rates and your driver's license, and you will need to know more about what it will cost to fight the ticket versus the potential financial consequences of just paying the ticket and moving on. The best way to find out whether you should fight your ticket is to talk to an Atlanta criminal lawyer at Sailers & Associates about your particular situation. With the legal knowledge of these matters and the experience to understand how to best approach your case, a lawyer can advise you on all aspects and potential consequences of your ticket. This will allow you to make an informed decision about the matter.

At Sailers & Associates, we are committed to helping drivers throughout Atlanta who are facing traffic tickets or who have been charged with any type of traffic offense. The firm handles speeding tickets, red light violations, citations for improper passing, and tickets or arrests for drunk driving, driving with an expired license, racing, reckless driving, driving on a suspended license and leaving the scene of an accident. Any of these may have serious consequences for you now and in the future, with the goal being to help you avoid negative repercussions.

Consequences of a Ticket

Although the specific violation you received a ticket for will dictate the severity of penalties or other consequences, following are some of the potential results of a ticket in the Atlanta area:

  • Fines
  • Points on driving record
  • Possible license suspension
  • Traffic school
  • Increased insurance costs
  • Possible imprisonment or community service (serious traffic violations)

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