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Reckless Driving Attorney in Atlanta

Reckless driving, also referred to as aggressive driving, is a criminal offense which will be charged as a misdemeanor in Georgia. Driving in a manner which is meant to annoy, harass, endanger, injure or harm another constitutes aggressive driving. A conviction for this serious traffic offense may result in jail time, fines, community service and other penalties. Additionally, a reckless driving conviction will result in 4 points on a person’s driving record. Accumulating enough points on one’s driving record will result in driver’s license suspension as well as increased insurance premiums.

Working with an Atlanta criminal lawyer at Sailers & Associates is a wise choice if you have been accused of reckless driving or aggressive driving. A skilled defense lawyer can help you avoid a conviction and therefore can end up saving you hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars or more on the increased insurance costs that you may have otherwise experienced had you accumulated points on your driving record. Not only that, a lawyer can help you avoid spending time in jail and paying heavy fines.

You have nothing to lose by consulting with Atlanta traffic offense Attorney Sailers as soon as possible. She offers a free consultation to discuss your reckless driving charges and helps clients throughout Atlanta and the surrounding areas in Georgia.

Fight Your Traffic Ticket

A reckless driving citation will require a mandatory court appearance on the part of the defendant. This is because reckless driving is a serious misdemeanor offense, not an infraction (such as a simple traffic ticket) which can be paid and then forgotten about. You will face real criminal penalties if you are found guilty of reckless driving, and as such you should not hesitate in consulting a defense lawyer as soon as possible. You can schedule a free initial consultation with Attorney Andre Sailers himself by calling the firm today. The criminal defense lawyer also offers prospective clients the opportunity to details the aspects of their experience via an online consultation form that can be found here. Contact the firm today at (404) 761-1212!

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