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A traffic ticket lawyer in Atlanta can help!

Driving without valid registration is a misdemeanor offense in Atlanta, Georgia. If a person is found guilty of this offense, he/she may face a jail sentence of up to 12 months and fines of $500 to $1,000, which will be decided upon at the court’s discretion. Second or subsequent offenses will result in increased penalties and aggravated misdemeanor charges. With the help of an Atlanta criminal defense attorney, you can challenge a ticket that was issued for a traffic offense related to driving without valid registration.

Attorney Sailers is an experienced attorney who is familiar with defending clients facing traffic violation charges in criminal court. In these cases, Attorney Sailers understands that her client may be facing jail time and other severe penalties, and as such he always provides aggressive and personalized legal representation to the best of her abilities. If you have been arrested for driving without registration, Attorney Sailers can offer you a free consultation as a criminal defense lawyer, so you can understand the charges you face and can learn how he can help.

Driving Without Valid Registration
Knowingly driving a vehicle, for which the registration is expired, suspended, cancelled or revoked, is a violation of Georgia Motor Vehicle and Traffic Code. Law enforcement will crack down hard upon a driver who is found to be driving without registration. These charges may be difficult to defend in criminal court due to the fact that physical evidence may be present in abundance – that the driver was driving a vehicle which did not have proper registration. However, the intent of the driver may play a factor and your defense lawyer may be able to use this in your favor.

By reviewing your particular case and the circumstances of your driving without registration charge, Atlanta traffic defense lawyer Andre Sailers can determine how to best build a strong defense strategy on your behalf. No two cases are the same, and as such Attorney Sailers provides his clients with personal attention and one-on-one service in order to create an effective, tailor-made plan of defense.

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