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Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyer in Atlanta

Leaving the scene of an accident, also referred to as hit and run, is a criminal offense. In Atlanta, Georgia, leaving the scene of an accident can result in a lawsuit and a conviction will result in serious criminal penalties, such as jail time, fines, probation, community service and more. It will also result in driver’s license suspension. In order to avoid consequences of this nature, don't wait to connect with an Atlanta criminal attorney at Sailers & Associates.

If you or someone you know is facing hit and run charges, please take a moment to contact a skilled attorney can work to protect your rights. Because leaving the scene of an accident is a criminal offense, you will need a lawyer who is experienced in defending cases in criminal court and who can provide aggressive legal representation at every step of the criminal process.

Charges & Penalties for Hit & Run Accidents
In Atlanta, Georgia, it is illegal to leave the scene of an accident without providing insurance and contact information and giving assistance to those who may have been injured in the accident. Knowingly and willfully leaving the scene of an accident which results in serious bodily injury or death to another person is a felony offense in Georgia. A conviction may result in one to five years in state prison, along with fines and other penalties. A felony conviction may also stay on a person’s criminal record for life, affecting job opportunities, his/her reputation, ability to get certain loans and also to purchase or possess a firearm.

Attorney Sailers is an experienced criminal defense attorney who represents drivers throughout Atlanta and the surrounding areas in Georgia who have been accused of leaving the scene of an accident, or hit and run. By thoroughly investigating the circumstances of the accident, recreating the scene, interviewing witnesses and uncovering physical evidence, Attorney Sailers may be able to effectively prove that his client actually did not intentionally and willfully leave the scene of an accident. This means that you could avoid the harsh consequences of a hit and run conviction.

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