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What are the Consequences of a Traffic Ticket?

While many people tend to brush off a traffic ticket such as a speeding ticket, red light ticket or even a DUI charge, as a minor offense, they are sorely mistaken to find out that these types of offenses slowly but surely creep up on you. When a person is faced with a ticket for speeding or careless or reckless driving, they will most likely pay the fine and complete traffic school. However, after several tickets within a short period of time, they find that they are being notified of their insurance changing or their license being revoked. Depending on the charges you are facing and the number of previous tickets you have accumulated, you may be facing the following penalties:
  • Suspended license or license revocation
  • Increased insurance rates / dropped coverage
  • Vehicle impoundment
  • Jail time
  • Fines / other financial consequences
  • Probation

Due to the nature of these types of offenses, it is easy to be convinced that you will not have any serious penalties for a traffic ticket. The truth of the matter is that they will eventually catch up to you, and it is much better to stop them in their tracks right now. Fight your traffic ticket with help from Sailers & Associates. Here, an Atlanta criminal attorney with more than a decade of experience can help design a method of defense that will best represent you in court. Under the guidance of Attorney Sailers, you can rest soundly knowing that every effort is being made to help you avoid the consequences of your traffic ticket.

Atlanta Traffic Ticket Lawyer: Legal Defense Designed for You
In reality, most people do not view traffic tickets such as speeding and reckless driving to be "against the law" or as an offense at all. They simply think that it is of the most minor infraction and despite how many times they are pulled over, there will never truly be consequences. However, the financial consequences of accumulating traffic tickets is no laughing matter and requires a serious attorney to combat the charges. To address your traffic offense with the proper approach, you can turn to Sailers & Associates where a skilled criminal defense lawyer can aggressively tackle your case in court.

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