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Careless Driving Charges in Atlanta

Careless driving is a lesser charge than reckless driving and involves operating a motor vehicle without exercising proper caution in regards to other drivers and fixed objects, including the distance between the driver's vehicle and the vehicle in front of him/her, as well as the space to the sides of the vehicle. Careless driving is considered a serious offense because of the potential danger it holds to other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. If you've been cited for an offense of this nature, you can find great support in the legal defense that can be built on your behalf when you align yourself with an Atlanta criminal lawyer at Sailers & Associates.

At times, a law enforcement officer may cite a driver for careless driving when he/she cannot spot a specific offense which the driver may have committed. The officer may be unhappy about the driver's manner of driving and thus wishes to find some way to issue a citation. Careless driving may be just the ticket, so to speak. A careless driving conviction may result in points on your driving record, fines, increased insurance premiums and driver's license suspension. Working with a traffic lawyer now could potentially save you hundreds or even possibly thousands of dollars over the next years, by keeping your driving record clean and your insurance costs low.

Traffic Ticket Defense: Atlanta Traffic Offense Attorney
If you are looking to consult an Atlanta traffic defense attorney, you have come to the right place. Attorney Sailers offers a free consultation to discuss your careless driving citation with you and to determine how he may be able to help. With his knowledge and experience in dealing with all types of traffic violations, Attorney Sailers can achieve stellar results in a number of circumstances, even when his clients are facing allegations of serious traffic offenses. Contact Sailers & Associates today!

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