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Atlanta Rape Defense Lawyer

Law makers and enforcers have established the sexually criminal act of rape as any instance in which one person initiates and carries out an act of sexual assault (usually intercourse) when the act is not reciprocated or consented to by the other party. Sexually criminal acts such as rape often involve use of physical force, sometimes even coercion in order to be followed through with, thereby making them that much more criminal in nature. Despite this, there is still a possibility of avoiding conviction. By contacting an Atlanta criminal defense attorney at Sailers & Associates you build a defense that can be used in court. Together, you and your lawyer will tackle the charges that have been made against you.

If you have been arrested and accused of rape, then you could be headed for serious consequences if you are formally convicted. Prison time and hefty fines are only the beginning of your worries, as being formally sentenced as guilt will also require you to register as a national sex offender. This type of public registration is a title that will follow you for the rest of your life; it is one that will never be lived down or explained away. The penalties of a criminal conviction, especially one of a sexual nature, have the potential to adversely affect the rest of your life. Therefore, you should not wait to align yourself with a sex crime lawyer as soon as possible after any arrest or accusation has been made. The incriminating statements that have been made in your name can be argued against and possibly turned around when you have the right legal defense professional on your side.

How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help
It is a sad truth that the sexual allegations brought against someone are sometimes untrue. In some cases, entirely false accusations are made simply in order to punish a person who is less than deserving of such an incriminating statement. Adolescents and adults alike are both aware of the damaging effects that a sex crime conviction can have on a person, and for some, this is just the type of knowledge they need to carry out their acts of spite. In these instances, a person who has been accused of rape will likely be arrested and charged whether or not the claim was true. It can be extremely difficult to prove that someone's cry of rape was nothing short of false. Although the sexual acts may have been consented to at the time, the fact of the matter is that now the situation is being portrayed otherwise, and your future rights and freedoms that are at stake.

No one can anticipate exactly what might come from an allegation of rape, but you can most definitely take steps to better prepare yourself and your defense when these types of claims are made. At Sailers & Associates, you can rely on the legal criminal defense services the law firm has to offer. No matter what the situation is that you have found yourself in, from internet crimes of a sexual nature to sexually violent crimes, there is legal help to be found at Sailers & Associates.  You can rest assured that the appropriate time and resources will be dedicated to your case, ensuring that everything possible is done to protect your innocence and rights throughout the legal process.

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