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Atlanta Trespassing Attorney

What do your charges mean?

Trespassing is a crime that is typically known as a misdemeanor. If it is accompanied with other crimes then it may be a felony charge. Despite what many people think, trespassing doesn't only include trespassing on property. It is actually possible to be charged with trespassing if you have trespassed upon a person. Trespass to a person can involve crimes like verbal threats, physical assault and causing person harm. According to tort law it is also possible to trespass what is known as a "chattel" and land. Trespass to chattels is more commonly known as trespassing goods and personal property. This can be seen in crimes like interfering with another person's property, like in the case with some internet crimes. A trespass to land doesn't have to include physical harm, just intruding on property that is not yours.

In order to be convicted of trespassing charges, it must be proved that you violated the consent of the trespassed person. For example, if you were on private property and if it was clearly posted that the public was strictly forbidden then you may be convicted. Hunting is also an area where people may run into trespassing issues. Simply because a person has a hunting license does not give them permission to hunt on any property. Georgia has its own laws regarding when and where people are allowed to hunt so stay informed so that you are not charged with the misdemeanor of trespassing. Trespassing can turn into a felony charge in some cases if the trespasser was in possession of a firearm. Atlanta criminal lawyer Andre Sailers will do everything in his power to ensure that you are not convicted of the trespassing charges that have been placed against you.

Aggressive Defense
If you were charged with trespassing and are seeking legal help then look no further than defense lawyer Andre Sailers. Although trespassing in most cases is only considered a misdemeanor, this is still a permanent mark on your record that may have a negative effect on you in the future. You need aggressive defense in order to combat these charges so consider speaking to an attorney at the firm as soon as possible. To contact an Atlanta criminal defense attorney simply call Sailers & Associates at (404)-761-1212  or use the firm's online case evaluation form to get in touch with a professional at the office.

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