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Possession With Intent to Sell

Possession with Intent to Sell

The state of Georgia is not lenient on dealing with drug offenders – the penalties that are associated with drug offenses are extremely severe. Should you be accused of possession and be found with a large amount of any type of illegal substance on your person, you could be facing elevated charges of possession with intent to sell. These penalties are more severe than for simple possession and will leave you struggling with the aftermath. Atlanta Georgia criminal attorney Andre Sailers understands this better than anyone. As such, he is prepared to aggressively defend his clients in court.

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The exact penalties will differ depending on the exact drug that you are found to be possessing. Controlled substances are broken down into different schedules and the penalties will be different in accordance with the schedule with which you are possessing. The five schedules, as defined by §16-13-24 of the 2010 Georgia Code, include the following:
  • Schedule I: These substances have been flagged as having an extremely high potential for abuse. They currently do not have any use in the medical community and have been designated as having no accepted use that can be deemed safe for the consumer.
  • Schedule II: Again, these drugs are considered to have a high potential for abuse. However, they do have an accepted place for medical use – although there are severe restrictions on the usage. If abused, this drug could cause severe dependence.
  • Schedule III: While there is potential for abuse, it is much more limited than Schedule I and II. It is currently accepted as use in medical treatment – usage could lead to moderate physical dependency but high psychological dependence.
  • Schedule IV: There is low potential for abuse and is currently accepted for medical treatment. The dependency that can be caused is considered to be limited.
  • Schedule V: Even lower potential for abuse than Schedule IV.
Penalties for possessing a Schedule I drug will be far more severe than a substance which is considered to be Schedule IV. Regardless, however, crimes of this nature will have serious impact on your future and should not be taken lightly. Attorney Andre Sailers recognizes what is on the line when you are facing something of this nature and he is fully prepared to help you obtain the just outcome that you deserve.

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