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Methamphetamine Attorney in Atlanta

Using Meth in Georgia

Recreational use of methamphetamine has become widely popular among persons throughout the U.S., and the state of Georgia is no exception. Powerfully addictive, many meth users need only one or two exposures to the drug before they become addicted. Unfortunately, what might start as an experimental trial can quickly escalate into much more of a problem, ultimately enabling a serious drug problem for a person who only meant to experiment with the drug once or twice.

Today, the production and availability of meth has become much more easily accessible. Meth labs have sprouted up everywhere, making it significantly easier for people to obtain the substance, and consequently become addicted. If you have fallen victim to the powerful stimulant known as methamphetamine and you are now facing criminal drug charges for your use, possession, or distribution of the drug, you could be facing serious penalties. You should immediately seek the counsel of Attorney Sailers, a qualified defense attorney who can help you establish the right course of action moving forward.

Penalties for Meth-Related Crimes
Though it is FDA-approved for limited medical use, methamphetamine is still a controlled substance. A person may therefore face serious criminal charges for the unlawful possession, manufacturing, distribution, sale or trafficking of meth or Desoxyn. A defendant convicted of a drug crime related to meth may face anywhere from 2 to 40 years in prison, depending on the type of offense, whether he or she has a prior conviction and the amount of meth involved.

Andre Sailers, a premier Atlanta criminal defense lawyer has the skills and knowledge necessary to aggressively tackle the legal repercussions of a methamphetamine charge in Georgia. Meth trafficking can be classified as selling, delivering, or being in possession of, more than 28 grams of methamphetamine, and is considered a felony charge. The penalties include:
  • Possession of 28-200 grams of meth—minimum of 10 years imprisonment & $200,000 fine
  • Possession of 200-400 grams of meth—minimum of 15 years imprisonment & $300,000 fine
  • Possession of 400 grams of meth or more—minimum of 25 years imprisonment & $1 million fine
Why You Need a Lawyer
Meth manufacturing is also a very serious offense, and the resulting penalties are based upon the amount of meth being produced. The consequences are the same for that of possession, meaning that they are punishable by the same amount. Therefore, in the wake of an arrest for possession of meth or any other drug related crime involving methamphetamine, defendants should waste no time in seeking the skillful defense of a qualified attorney. In fact, to forego your right to legal representation could seriously deter your chances of escaping an ultimate conviction. When you have an attorney like Andre Sailers on your side, however, you are much more likely to receive a reduced sentence or have your charges dropped altogether.

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