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Atlanta Drug Cultivation Attorney

Penalties for Illegal Cultivation

A person who is accused of marijuana cultivation may face felony charges and harsh penalties. The severity of the consequences for cultivation is dependent on the amount of marijuana that was discovered to be in an individual's possession. No matter the amount of cultivated marijuana found, it will always be considered a felony. The penalties do vary, however.
  • 10 lbs. or less: 1-10 years imprisonment
  • 10-2,000 lbs.: 5-30 years imprisonment & $100,000 maximum fine
  • 2,000-10,000 lbs.: 7-30 years imprisonment & $250,000 maximum fine
  • More than 10,000 lbs.: 15-30 years imprisonment & $1,000,000 maximum fine
  • Any amount within 1,000 feet of a school, park, or drug free zone: 20-40 years imprisonment & $40,000 maximum fine

State & Federal Defense
A defendant in Atlanta may face State or Federal charges for drug cultivation, depending on the alleged offense and size of the operation. The severity of charges and the particular penalties that may be enforced upon a conviction for drug cultivation will vary depending on the amount of marijuana involved as well as whether this was grown for personal use or for distribution.

If you have been charged with cultivation or if you are under investigation, please don't hesitate to contact an attorney. Your freedom may depend up on the quick action of an experienced lawyer. At Sailers & Associates, you will find just that. Atlanta criminal lawyer Andre Sailers is a premier criminal defender in Georgia, and he is ready to aggressively fight for you. Contact the office today for more information.

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