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DUI Penalties

The Defense You Need: Atlanta DUI Lawyer

The consequences stemming from a DUI conviction are extremely serious and should not be taken lightly. From incarceration to monetary fines, the consequences can be long-lasting in nature. For example, for a first time offense of driving under the influence in Georgia, you could be slapped with a one year driver's license suspension, up to a year of incarceration, and mandatory attendance in a Risk Reduction School. For each corresponding conviction (if within ten years of the previous), the penalties will increase in severity.

For a second DUI conviction, you will be faced with criminal penalties such as up to $1,000 in fine (plus probation fees), up to a year in jail (with all but 72 hours able to be served as probation), mandatory alcohol evaluation, and a license plate confiscation. Your photo and disposition will be placed in the county paper and your driver's license could be suspended for up to three years. A third conviction will bring similar consequences (although elevated), with the exception that you will now be declared a habitual violator and will be required to install an Ignition Interlock Device into your vehicle.

Things will become tricky if you are charged with your fourth conviction, as it will be charged as a felony. For this, you will be at risk of receiving up to five years in jail (with all but 90 days served as probation). You will also face a $5,000 monetary fine and be at risk of seizure and forfeiture of your motor vehicle. The requirements of all previous convictions will also put you at risk. The most effective way to avoid such penalties is with the help of an Atlanta criminal attorney from Sailers & Associates.

Are you facing driver's license suspension?
One of the most inconvenient penalties is that of driver's license suspension. Driving is an important and vital aspect to many people's everyday routine. Whether used to help get to and from school, to work, to important appointments or to help carry out errands, the act of driving is often taken for granted as a necessity. If this is taken away, many people will find themselves struggling to carry on in an ordinary manner. Although public transit is available, this is much slower, time-consuming and inconvenient. For many people, it might not even be a viable option.

It is therefore extremely important to do everything possible to defend against the possibility of a license suspension. You cannot risk having your driving privileges taken away from you - and you certainly cannot afford to treat it flippantly. To ensure that you are doing everything possible to be proactive and aggressive as you fight to defend your legal rights.

Sailers & Associates understands the importance of having aggressive legal counsel and is therefore unwaveringly devoted to ensuring that our clients receive nothing less. By never being satisfied with subpar assistance, Attorney Sailers has proven over the years that he truly has what it takes to protect his clients against the possibility of conviction, including helping clients fight license suspension in a DMV hearing. If you choose to work with his firm, you will be confident knowing that you will have an aggressive lawyer on your side willing to go the distance for your best interests.

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