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Out of State DUI Charges

How an Atlanta DUI Attorney Can Help

Out-of-state drivers are presented with unique difficulties when arrested for DUI in Georgia. The same criminal penalties apply for drivers from other states who are convicted for drunk driving in Georgia, but state officials will also report DUI convictions to the driver's home state. Therefore, it can be guaranteed that administrative license suspension proceedings will occur in the home state of a suspected drunk driver as well. Even though the violation may have occurred in another state, once the driver's home state is notified, they will be punished by the laws of their state.

Because Georgia participates in the Non-Resident Driver Compact, this means that they retain the right to charge Georgia citizens under their home state laws. The only states that do not participate in this Compact are Michigan and Wisconsin, but they may still be able to suspend a driver's license in the case that an out of state DUI occurred within their borders. For the states that are part of the Compact, they will not be allowed to revoke the license of an out-of-state driver. Make sure that your rights are not violated and your license is not wrongly revoked by contacting an Atlanta criminal lawyer as soon as possible.

Penalties and License Suspension
Georgia law enforcement has no jurisdiction or right to confiscate a driver's license which was issued in another state. They can, however, suspend or revoke a person's driving privileges within Georgia and inform his/her home state of the DUI arrest and conviction. The person's home state will then most likely suspend his/her driver's license. For a Georgia driver that has been charged with a DUI in another state, the same penalties under Georgia law would apply, including:
  • Jail time
  • Fines
  • Community service
  • Probation
For any additional information about an out-of-state DUI, you should enlist the help of a knowledgeable home-state attorney. Since the same penalties apply when charged with a DUI in another state, you would benefit for talking to an attorney practicing in Georgia. If you would like more information on the defenses available for out of state DUIs, don't wait to contact Sailers & Associates.

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